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Image quality, compact design, technology – the best reasons for choosing OM-D

Premium design

The OM-D line-up is built to deliver: brilliant image quality, high speed, pinpoint precision and a host of creative options – wrapped up in a timeless, high-grade design. Every detail of these superb cameras has been meticulously designed to provide a user-friendly, ergonomic camera that is also a true eye-catcher.

OM-D: Expert craftsmanship from all angles

All the cameras in the OM-D line-up are the epitome of style and elegance. Their ergonomics, haptic metal dials, Electronic Viewfinder and more are in perfect harmony – exuding professionalism at every level of photography.

Sculpted to perfection

  • Intuitive ergonomics

    The logical placement of the haptic metal dials, the perfectly proportioned control buttons, the distance between the various elements – they all come together to provide an overall aesthetic appearance while ensuring OM-D cameras are also a true pleasure to use.

  • Solid textures

    The OM-D line-up exudes professionalism at every level of photography. They feature a genuine front-and-back grip that fits perfectly in the hand. The high-grade materials with fine textures provide both a secure hold and lend the camera a high-class form.

  • High-grade build

    The signature OM-D build is beautifully sculpted of cutting-edge magnesium alloy. Unnecessary bulk has been eliminated to exude strength and sharpness. Despite the metal housing, the cameras remain discreet and lightweight enough to take on every photo assignment.

Reduced to perfection

An everyday tool for taking anywhere, all the cameras in the OM-D line-up have a compact body that has been significantly reduced in size and weight while providing perfection with every shot.

  • E-M1 Mark II
  • E-M5 Mark II
  • E-M10 Mark II
  • E-M10 Mark III
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*Compared to average D-SLR cameras (as of August 2016)

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*Compared to average D-SLR cameras (as of August 2016)

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*Compared to average D-SLR cameras (as of August 2016)

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*Compared to average D-SLR cameras (as of August 2016)

Ingenious engineering

  • Optimal sensor size

    The sensor in all the OM-D cameras is just the right size for capturing as much light as possible, without compromising on image quality. Its advanced construction delivers dynamic range and enhanced low-light performance similar to full-frame D-SLRs.

  • Expertly crafted lenses

    Perfectly complementing the OM-D line-up with their compact, lightweight size, the over 40 different interchangeable lenses in the Micro Four Thirds range bring out the most of the brilliant sensor technology delivering outstanding image quality

  • Compact design

    The engineering excellence that has gone into the OM-D line-up has resulted in outstanding images from a slim-sized camera that is ready to go on any assignment around the world. By eliminating the use of unnecessary mechanical parts, OM-D has truly been reduced to perfection.

  "With the new OM-D I stopped thinking about in what time it is necessary to click the shutter, I just caught the moment I wanted!" Victoria Rogotneva

Nature and Landscape Photographer

Performance at the highest level

When it comes to OM-D’s advanced technology, the engineers at OLYMPUS concentrated on delivering the high performance that photographers need for realising their creativity. Especially thanks to powerful image stabilisation, you get the pin-sharp photos you want, in a high quality you’ve come to expect from an innovation leader in camera technology.

With image stabilization

Without image stabilization

Advanced image stabilisation

A trailblazer of sensor-based image stabilisation (IS), OLYMPUS has integrated its renowned IS technology into every OM-D camera. So regardless of the lens you use, your photos turn out sharp and breathtaking. It helps to eliminate blur during low-light, long-exposure shooting – no tripod needed.

  • World’s most powerful 5-Axis IS*

    Our engineers have taken OLYMPUS image stabilisation further with ultimate 5-Axis Image Stabilisation (IS) on the E-M5 Mark II. It is the culmination of the OM-D experience – ideal for handheld shooting using long exposure, for instance when shooting indoors or at night. It compensates for every kind of jolt or shake to deliver sharp images.

  • OM-D Movie

    The powerful 5-Axis IS system also means the E-M5 Mark II is ideal for steady, freestyle filming without the need for an external camera stabiliser. Follow the action, get right up to the subject and film from fascinating angles while walking – and record clear, sharp movies at the same time.

*According to CIPA Standard: +5EV Steps as of June 2015

Intelligent Electronic Viewfinder

For gaining full creative control over the scene or subject to be captured, all OM-D cameras feature an advanced Electronic Viewfinder (EVF). With Creative Control, you can alter aspect, manipulate colours and light, change focus and more without ever needing to take your eye off the subject – and before you ever press the shutter button.

    Highlight & shadow control
    Aspect control
    Magnified display control
    Colour creator

Super-fast autofocus

The super-fast autofocus on all OM-D cameras delivers full speed and accuracy with every shot. Its excellent tracking performance makes it perfect for shooting dynamic subjects, and it also boasts superb low-light capabilities and Sequential Shooting to expertly capture sporting events in clear quality.

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    focal points

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Robust construction

Other camera brands may claim to be ready for all-terrain shooting – high-end OM-D cameras truly are. Thanks to the practically impenetrable magnesium alloy body with up to 60 gasket rings for maximum protection, OM-D cameras are ideal for photography in damp habitats, sandy situations or sub-zero temperatures. (Does not apply to the E-M10 and E-M10 Mark II.)

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How it’s done

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    weather-tight seals
    OM-D E-M5 Mark II

  “Nature is beautiful and yet unpredictable too. The weather can change at any time. So having a robust camera like OM-D is an absolute must.” Andreas Vögele

Nature and Landscape Photographer

“Nature is beautiful and yet unpredictable too. The weather can change at any time. So having a robust camera like OM-D is an absolute must.” picture shot with: E-M5 Aperture 1:4.0 Shutter speed 1/250 ISO 200

Long heritage precise optics

With more than 40 different interchangeable lenses available for the OM-D line-up, you have access to any lens you could ever desire: from telephoto and macro to wide angle and fisheye, and more. Their special construction ensures high imaging quality across all focal lengths – enabling you to take your photography to a new level.

Which OM-D is right for you?

With a whole line-up of OM-D cameras, you are sure to find the perfect match for your photography needs and style.

  • NEW

    OM-D E-M1 Mark II

    For Professionals.

    Engineered specially for professional photographers, the E-M1 Mark II is a complete camera system that takes speed, performance and imaging to a new level of power.

    Go to E-M1 Mark II
  • OM-D E-M5 Mark II

    For Creative Enthusiasts.

    The award-winning
    E-M5 Mark II is a revolution with the world’s most powerful 5-Axis Image Stabilisation* for stunning low-light shots and amazing movies.

    *CIPA Standard, as of December 2014

    Go to E-M5 Mark II
  • NEW

    OM-D E-M10 Mark III

    For Easy-Going Explorers.

    Ready for action and loaded with features: The OM-D E-M10 Mark III is redefining compact camera performance one adventure at a time.

    Go to E-M10 Mark III
  • OM-D E-M10 Mark II

    For Stylish Upgraders.

    Exceptionally lightweight, the E-M10 Mark II features powerful 5-Axis Image Stabilisation for superbly clear and sharp images – while paying homage to classic design.

    Go to E-M10 Mark II